248177_1907658686244_1085101352_31984883_204866_nBrenda Mitchell has had a life long goal to be a performer. She has always enjoyed singing and started at an early age in church with her grandmother.  Her brother, Ron Adams, decided to get in on the Elvis Impersonation rage back in the early 1980's and took her along for the ride as a back up singer....However, he soon outgrew the Birmingham area and moved on to bigger things, she stayed behind with her husband and children but was never able to shake the "performing" bug.  She was singing with a small church group when she came up with the name, "Back In Time" and they, with her expert booking and managing abilities took them further than they ever dreamed possible.  Today, she does the booking for her husband, David "Barney" Mitchell, The One Bullet Deputy, and also books shows for the group,  "Blast From The Past", whom she, obviously, also sings with and is enjoying it more than anything she has ever done.  The shows are bigger and better than ever, the members of the group are all Christian people, and there is great harmony between them both on stage and off. With her husbands help and encouragement she is able to balance being a wife, mother and performer all at the same time. Brenda is living her dream and loving every day God has blessed her with. You can contact Brenda through the contact info on this web site or This e-mail address is being protected fr by calling 205-681-5911
IMG_1035Daryl has been singing for most of his life.  His stage experience began at age 14 with the West Jefferson High School FFA Quartet and String Band.  That group won the state competitions in 1984 and 1985 and was invited to perform in Kansas City for the national convention.  They also performed on the side under the name "The Dixie Boys" and enjoyed the opportunities to sing in the southeast U. S. and in Jamaica.  The Dixie Boys performed in venues such as the Birmingham Civic Center Concert Hall to over 5,000 people, The Kansas City Civic Center to over 35,000 and several other fine halls.  Their largest crowd was singing the National Anthem at Legion Field Stadium in Birmingham, AL for The Stallions Professional Football team.  The Dixie Boys are Alabama Music Hall of Fame nominees.  The college years found him singing as a charter member of "Cornerstone" the university sponsored acappella quartet at Faulkner University in Montgomery. That group performed over 100 shows per year all over the south and up to Maryland, down to Miami and west as far as Houston and Little Rock.  They were thrilled to be able to make one trip to Europe and sang in Scotland and England.  It was a great time of life that he remembers fondly.  After college he continued with members of Cornerstone and The Dixie Boys blended into a group called "Foundation".  Then came "Back In Time" for 13 years.  Now, he is having a blast in the current group.  Daryl and his lovely wife Laura have two sons, Dean and Drew.  Both boys show a lot of promise as singers.  You can contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 205-876-3177.
photo1Barry is originally from the Montgomery area and graduated from Faulkner University in May 2007 with a degree in Business Information Systems.  He currently works for Aultman Properties, a commercial real estate development company.  Barry realized early in life that music was going to play an important role in the person he would become.  While in high school, Barry started a male a cappella singing group with several friends from his church.  He was also involved in the high school choir program and was chosen to be a member of the FFA quartet during his junior and senior year.  His senior year, the quartet was invited to sing at the national convention in Louisville in front of 40,000 FFA members.  While in college, Barry sang with the acappella quartet, Cornerstone.  Under the oversight of the Faulkner admissions office, Cornerstone performed extensively at Christian camps, high schools and youth rallies throughout the Southeast and even worldwide traveling to England and Scotland with the mission of glorifying God and informing high school students about Faulkner and Christian education.  Barry was in that group for four and a half years and was able to increase his vocal range during that time to sing all four parts.  When he moved to Birmingham, he wanted to find some way to continue singing and performing.  He was approached by a long time family friend, Daryl Shackleford, about the opportunity to sing bass with a new group, "Blast From The Past".  Since Cornerstone also performed many oldies, the transition was an easy one for this talented young man, and the rest....will be history!  This guy has only just begun to grace the stage with his amazing talent and ability.
photoTiffany Mitchell has been a wonderful addition to Blast From the Past. Not only does she have great harmonizing ability and plenty of singing experience, but she also was a shoe in for the group due to her mother, Brenda Mitchell, being one of the founding members. Growing up, Tiffany would tag along to every singing practice and any shows the group was conducting; and through the years she learned every song they preformed. Jokingly, Tiffany is poked at for knowing and usually singing everyone else’s part. If someone forgets their line, you can usually count on her to help you figure it out. So when the group began looking to add another member, Tiffany was automatically considered. In high school, Tiffany was chosen to sing with the concert choir, performing at different events throughout Alabama. Through concert choir she was selected to participate in Alabama’s All-State choir. With her Church of Christ and choral background, Tiffany will tell you acappella music runs through her veins. Her soprano vocals bring a breath of fresh air to the group; and although she is only 28, you’ll find no stage fright from this young lady. Tiffany is currently in school pursuing a masters in nursing.

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